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Ground-Breaking Meditation App

Giving people around the globe better sleep at night and more tranquil days, Calm teamed up with Nowadays to get their app in more hands.

Featured Image Calm


Celebrity Connectivity App

Paying celebrities to leave video messages is something only the internet could make possible. And our viral marketing agency got our client's #CameosForAustralia post to 95,000+ retweets.

Featured Image Cameo


Blockchain Media Platform

Getting paid to consume music, video, and radio is an enticing gig. Our team took Current and rocketed it to 737,704+ installs.

Featured Image Current App


Trend-Aware Social Media App

Dominating a rival social media outlet was no problem when this rapid-fire brand worked with us. We made #TikTacos trend on Twitter, hitting #3 nationwide and getting 500,000+ views.

Featured Image Tiktok
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