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Cameo is a connectivity app that allows users to connect, collaborate, and produce videos with celebrities. Cameo teamed up with Nowadays to gain viral traction and get more eyes and ears interacting with the app.

Campaigns were put into effect by creating tweets and amplifying them to trend in social channels. Campaigns included the unofficial reunion of The Office, the hit American sitcom television series, and #CameosForAustralia, Australian bush fire tweets aimed at saving Koalas.

Amplification expectations were met and exceeded, with #CameosForAustralia receiving over 95,000 retweets.


Retweets for #CameosForAustralia


User-generated videos created


Exceeded campaign deliverables

“They’re a no-bullshit team that always delivers results and will guide you through the process to optimize your content for the best-earned media impact.”
– Sergio, Head of Brand & Creative

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