Lightning, sold by the bottle.

With Social Scripting, our proprietary process for making content contagious, your brand gets the right orchestration of emotion, timing, and attention.

Your social odometer racks up thousands upon thousands of what you want: Downloads, views, likes, follows, retweets.

Go viral, guaranteed.

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What is Social Scripting?

Social Scripting is the fine-tuned conversation that grabs attention online. It’s how we get people feeling the FOMO. And it’s the spice in the Nowadays secret sauce.

For each campaign, we write a script featuring tension, surprise, and/or delight. We specialize in emotions that make people take action, whether that’s downloading your app or retweeting your branded video.

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You’ve got the brand. We bring the drama – and the results.


No clickbait. No bullshit. Just word-of-mouth momentum.

All our campaigns are organic and use no incentives, so your views, followers, and installs are top-shelf quality.


How to join our hall of fame



Let’s have a short chat about your brand and what you want to accomplish. If you’ve got what it takes, we move onto the next step.


Talk a little more

Cool, so we’re working together. That means we’ll dive deep into your brand, so we can formulate the perfect Social Script for your audience. Depending on our goals, we’ll either repurpose existing content or devise a brand-new video or meme.


Set it off

Sit back, relax, and watch the numbers snowball. We take care of our clients, so we’re in close contact throughout this whole process.

“Wow. We expected success, but this was insane.”
– Gordon, CMO of Raffler
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Ride the new wave of advertising.

Infiltrate pop culture. Capture influence with content that makes a mark.

And spend less in the process.

Let’s do this