How To Get More Followers On Twitter

July 17th, 2021

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Twitter is an extraordinarily versatile platform. For most people, it actually serves as almost a modern-day newspaper. Wake up in the morning, open Twitter, and get personalized news based on who you follow as well as funny jokes and memes in between (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Creating a Twitter account is free, and posting is also free, so you can imagine that your ROI will be on another level with the right strategy. There are 192 million active users on Twitter daily. It would be beyond basic not to consider at least taking a bite of that action.

Twitter hears everything first, and your brand can leverage this by reaching your Twitter followers and keeping them up to date on what matters to them. So let’s get some followers.

Statistics Roll Call

Why is Twitter important? Well, let me give you a little data to wrap your head around.

  • 75% of B2B businesses market their product and services on Twitter.
  • 500 million tweets are sent out per day
  • 20% + of all American internet users access Twitter at least once a month. 
  • 40% of Twitter users make a purchase after seeing it on Twitter.
  • 53% of people on Twitter are likely to be the first to buy new products.

Get more followers – organically 

You know what time it is: Follower time! Let’s check out a few points that will seriously help not only increase your following but improve your overall brand experience on Twitter. Oh, and all this is free, from updating your Twitter profile to checking your follower count in real-time. 

  1. Post consistently and often. Use hashtags and promote the follow button. It’s an effective tactic in gaining new fans.

  2. Keep up with trending topics and interact and comment on them. Linking to blogs from your website is a good way to command authority within a specific niche. Knowledge is power!

  3. Pictures and short videos can go a long way on Twitter; it’s not just for words. The same goes for your brand’s logo. Get creative with holidays and events. For example, many companies update their logo during Pride Month with rainbow colors.

  4. Interact with lots of other accounts and engage with your own following–there are so many ways to do it: DMs, group chat, contests, and giveaways are all ways to get your followers engaged and pumped on your brand. Be liberal with the @mentions!

  5. Promote your Twitter handle everywhere! Links should be accessed from your email signature through your website and across other social platforms. Put it in your Twitter bio. Even put it on your business card. Self-promotion = self-love. 

Get more followers with paid advertising 

A little investment can go a long way on Twitter. Twitter analytics provides a monthly “Twitter report card” that features high-level stats and summarizes your greatest hits. Twitter will even recommend influencers in your network. Don’t be afraid to invest in paid promotions; it can be well worth your while.

Create a followers campaign 

Twitter offers you service directly from their platform to buy followers. It’s a unique service as Instagram and Facebook often punish accounts that are caught purchasing followers. Just to be very, very clear, we are not recommending you buy thousands of followers for $5 on a sketch site. 

Please only consider buying followers directly through Twitter. Don’t be lazy.

Twitter uses an innovative and targeted ad system to get your brand in the Who to Follow area and the top of Twitter search results. Of course, there will be a mark that the tweet is promoted. After all, honesty is the best policy.

You can check out exactly how it works on Twitter, but I will give you a quick summary. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, a followers campaign is auction-based; you tell Twitter how much you are willing to pay per new follower. 

You could say, for example, “I want 25 followers a day,” so you set aside $75 a day to increase your follower counts on Twitter. You will only be charged for the followers you end up getting; the campaign will stop at 25 followers to prevent going over budget.

Oh yeah, last thing. You get to earn free impressions, engagements, and website traffic. Twitter only charges per follower. If someone clicks on the link in your tweets, likes or retweets, or visits your profile, you don’t pay shit—music to my ears.

Promoted tweets and follower ads 

A standard service on most platforms, you can pay to promote your excellent content to get in front of more people. Promoted ads can support a variety of media formats, so feel free to get creative. Using a variety of formats can increase campaign awareness significantly.

Follower ads can increase the visibility of your account to your target audience and attract new followers. The difference between follower ads and promoted ads is simply goal and content. Promoted ads tend to look for engagement and can promote a specific product or offering from your account. Follower ads are promoting the brand account itself and are meant for increasing followers.

Influencer ads 

Paying influencers to tweet about your brand or even retweet some of your content–especially your brand’s logo–is an excellent way to level up your brand exposure. 

Remember, Twitter is an extremely powerful platform, but only when you focus on targeting the right audience. When beginning to look and engage with influencers, make sure they are a complement to your brand tone and values, as well as in the right industry with access to your target market. 

Industry influencers tend to have a large following and engage heavily with their followers and other accounts. 

When you are doing your research on influencers that work for you, don’t start with the massive big wigs. Just because someone on Twitter only has 500 followers doesn’t mean they can’t influence all those people to pay attention to your brand. As with anything business-related, starting small and preparing to scale can be much more successful than jumping into the big time without the proper infrastructure. 

Why the hell do I want followers anyway? 

When designing your Twitter marketing strategy, remember what the service can offer you and align your strategy with your goals. Here are a few things Twitter can do for you:

  • Grow your consumer base
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build better customer support channels
  • Create a favorable opinion of your brand
  • Consumer insight – via Twitter analytics
  • Monitor your competition
  • Stay up-to-date on trends in your industry.

The Takeaway 

Here’s the thing: Having a solid social media presence is a fantastic tool for increasing brand awareness and generating new customers, leads, and sales. 

Not all platforms will work for your brand, be selective with your choices. Make sure you have built a social media team capable of keeping up with the amount of content required on each platform. Quantity and consistency are crucial to mastering algorithms, but you have to prioritize quality. Having a shitty social media feed is a tough reputation to get rid of. Start slow and scale.

When you have reached a point that you are ready to launch your brand to the next level, your next step should be to contact us, Nowadays Media

Not to brag or anything, but we have worked with powerhouse brands like Calm, the meditation app, and TikTok, the social media app. Our campaigns rely solely on word-of-mouth momentum because we don’t believe in bullshit.

Sound good? Let’s take over, together.



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