Why do some brands go viral – and others don’t?

It’s not an accident. It’s an art. It takes effort, orchestration, and emotional intelligence.

We’re experts at modernizing your message and injecting it directly into social media. Our proprietary Social Scripting process is a megaphone for your message, getting the right content on the right page, at the right time, to make you go viral. Over and over again.

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Kicking ass & taking names for our clients since 2016.

Our signature is inducing action through emotion. Whether it’s an up-and-coming startup or a household name, our strategy is the same.

We call it Social Scripting™.

You might call it magic.

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Make your brand the hottest topic.

From dominating on TikTok to trending on Twitter/X, our strategies are designed to create buzz for your brand.

Connect with our social media experts today and let’s make some serious noise together.

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Social Media has been our playground since 2012. 

  • Our founders were some of the first to rack up millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram
  • We were the agency that launched TikTok in North America in 2018
  • Developed our own Social Scripting™ process for creating content that goes viral

We’re so confident in our abilities that we back all of our services with guarantees.

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“Nowadays was part of Calm's secret sauce during our early growth stage. So thankful for their work. ”
– Matt, Marketing Manager @ Calm App
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Dominate your space on social media.

With Nowadays, you can take an unfair share. Through our Social Scripting™ process, your content commands attention, makes a strong impression, and goes viral.

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