The 6 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Messaging

July 25th, 2021

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Hell yeah: We want you to SLIIIIDE all the way into those DMs. That little paper airplane is calling your name, bb. 

Your Instagram grid may look f***ing flawless, but you could be missing a fire opportunity to grow your business by using Instagram messaging. Direct message marketing is an incredible way to develop more intimate relationships with your customers one-on-one while ensuring their privacy.

In case you didn’t know: Types of DMs 

Today, Instagram Messaging has become a standard expectation for private messaging with brands on social media. Being able to contact a brand directly and receiving a response is almost guaranteed to nurture a large and loyal community. You have a few options for content you can send via Instagram Direct Message to recipients. Here is a list to keep in mind each time your brand sends messages:

  1. Messages! (Duh)
  2. Photos
  3. Videos
  4. Audio and voice messages
  5. Group chats, including video calls

Somebody come get this brand, I think it got lost in my DMs 

With new features released continuously and a built-in large audience, using Instagram DM comes with some sweet perks. Below are the six benefits your brand can capitalize on by using Instagram messaging within your overall marketing strategy

1. Build connections with your followers 

Interacting one-on-one with your customers in their Instagram DMs is an excellent way to engage with your audience, build relationships with them, understand their needs, and ensure that their needs are met. So when someone messages you on Instagram and your notifications go off, whether it’s a new message or the continuation of a previous message, you should respond as quickly as possible, no matter what it’s about. Probably needless to say that an empty message box is a happy message box.

Responding to your followers builds trust and loyalty by reminding them that you care about their experience with your brand. Even if someone messages you a complaint, it offers you an opportunity to turn them into loyal followers with the correct response.

Taking the time to interact with your community through your messages is an easy and impactful way to create a personalized experience for your customers.

2. Establish industry connections 

Instagram direct messaging is a great way to develop a network more casually than shooting out an email or organizing an in-person meeting. You can share quick ideas with fellow people in your niche. 

It is easier to get noticed as well among the thought leaders in your industry. No need to send an email that gets buried in an overcrowded inbox. Instead, you can message them a short hello, share a piece of content you think they would be interested in. They, in turn, immediately have access to see your social account and discover what your brand is all about.

Easy connections without the stress of standard business email etiquette or cold calling. 

3. Generate leads 

From a sales perspective, you can treat anyone who comments or messages you on Instagram as a lead and a potential gateway to their customer journey. You can nurture those leads by replying to their comments and offering recommendations for your products based on their interactions.

If you identify someone who is often engaging with your posts, hashtags, and Stories, send them a message! Let them know you appreciate their support and ask them if they have any questions or comments. Then, open the door for them, and your chance to convert them increases exponentially.

Forty-nine percent of customers said that they made a purchase that they did not intend to originally, based on a brand’s personalized recommendation for them.

4. Discover and work with influencers 

The easiest way to get started working with an influencer is simply to send them a DM. Well, I guess there is just one more step before that one. 

Many people move way too quickly when DMing an influencer or other brand that they are interested in collaborating with. In fact, when you send them a message without interacting with the account, Instagram automatically files it in their “other” folder, which is much harder to notice. As a result, most people just ignore it since it is filled with random spam messages.

It is critical to follow the account you want to message and engage! Like and comment on their posts, respond to their stories and show genuine interest in them. Once they respond to any of your comments, your DM will not be sent to spam. Not only will it appear in their main messages tab, but your handle and profile picture will also be familiar to them, increasing their chances of responding.

5. Offer a better customer service experience 

Often, people feel more comfortable talking directly to a brand when they have questions or comments. 

Not to mention, you can reach and interact with them in a place where they already hang out. Sure they could search up your phone number or fill out the standard contact form on your website. But it is easy for them to feel like they are sending their comments into the ether where no one will ever read them.

On Instagram, you can address them directly and even turn an unhappy customer into a loyal follower. Everyone loves to feel like they are being heard. Instagram provides a much more personalized way to interact with customers. The platform provides digital assets like selfie stickers and branded emojis and can customize chat colors and add message effects.

The Messenger API for Instagram allows you to go even further: It offers integration with tools your team is already using and streamlines workflows for maximum efficiency. It handles high volumes of messages like a true boss–or maybe a club bouncer that gets rid of unwanted messages before they make it to your exclusive VIP section.

6. Increase sales

The most straightforward way to sell products using your DMs is to treat your grid like it’s a storefront. Then, people can send you a message to show their interest in purchasing your items. You don’t even need a business account to do it this way. However, this is an excellent method when you have high-value items that sell at a low volume. Processing manual payments through DMs can quickly feel overwhelming.

With an Instagram Business account, you can actually integrate your eCommerce store and make your content shoppable. For example, when viewing your post or story, customers will be given the option to click directly on the post and get sent to your website to purchase that item. 

The instant gratification factor is an enormous motivator with that option. I know the feeling personally. So often, it has been way too easy to purchase that pretty thing I saw on the ‘gram.

Deliver value 

Now that we have you all excited about the power of a DM, it’s time for the Golden Rule.

Deliver value.

No one likes spammy and promotional emails. Not only will it be ignored, but it also instills a feeling of ill will towards the brand who sent it. When sending messages, be insightful and relevant. The DM is a great place to start interesting conversations and reveal your brand’s personality. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be helpful. After all, the best marketing is personal.

Bottom Line 

Social media is an ever-evolving landscape that seems to change around daily. For any brand, this can be overwhelming and challenging to develop a strategy for. When your brand has a solid following, but you are unsure how to take it to the next level, Nowadays is ready.

We build organic viral marketing campaigns using no incentives, so you are guaranteed real engagement from real people interested in your brand. Social Scripting is the fine-tuned conversation we use to grab attention online. It’s how we get people feeling the FOMO. And it’s the spice in the Nowadays secret sauce. We specialize in emotions that make people take action, whether downloading your app or retweeting your branded video.

If you think your brand has got what it takes to blow up the digital advertising space, contact us. 



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