Top content writing tips to inspire, motivate, and engage your audience

July 27th, 2021

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First tip! Grab your readers’ attention with a powerful intro. Content writing is not for the weak, lazy and foolish. If you’re reading this article, I can already tell you’re taking steps to be the best. That’s fucking amazing, bitch. I’m rooting for you.

Have I grabbed your attention? Great. Read on for a couple more surprises you don’t want to miss. 

Many don’t realize how difficult writing content for brands can be. With a good brand, you have to follow a strict style guide, write in a clear voice and tone, while also producing original content that engages readers.

Literally, 98 percent of all marketing departments state that text copy most-used content type. Yet, one in three marketers rates their written content as “somewhat” or “not really” effective. 

Ten HOT and LONELY singles in your area 

Grab your reader’s attention with an eye-catching headline.

Ok, maybe don’t go full click-bait. But an eye-grabbing headline is still important. Aim for funny and engaging, while still giving readers a clear idea of what your article is about. And always use a keyword in the title to make sure it pops up in the right searches. (Stay tuned for more on SEO a little later.)

People move fast on the internet. Without a good headline, they may not stop on your article in the first place. And if people aren’t reading your content, what’s the point of putting in all that work to create it?

Your article could be Pulitzer Prize-worthy, but if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

You catch my drift.

No shit, Sherlock

Don’t make your readers put on their detective hats. Your content needs to be well-organized and visually attractive.

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. You’d want to be able to scroll through your content and easily find what you’re looking for — and so would they. Of course, ideally, they’d read the whole thing, but that won’t always happen. 

Take this article, for example. While I love throwing out fun headlines to get my tone and feeling across, it’s essential that I bold the main point, so you know right away what each paragraph is about. 

If your content contains instructions for action items, use a checklist to break it up.

Key takeaways for content organization

  • Use bullet points, checklists, and subsections to break up content visually.
  • Make your point clearly and understandably.
  • Don’t overwhelm people with long, windy paragraphs.
  • Stick to your topic; short and straightforward content is much easier to absorb.
  • Remember: Everyone loves the feeling of checking off something on a list.

SEO: Super essential operation 

Honestly, I could write a whole separate article about creating content for better SEO (search engine optimization). But I’ll keep this short. 

The basic idea is you need to write and structure your copy to make it easy for the search engine to understand. Also be sure to post consistently, so the search engine knows you’re active.


Don’t miss an opportunity to rank higher on a search engine because you’re not using the right keywords. Fit in as many as possible without making your copy feel awkward or stilted. 

Headings and the meta description 

First impressions are important. Your title and meta description are presented when the search engine pulls your content. So don’t fuck this up. 

Leaving your meta description field blank is like showing up to the talent show without your magic hat. Make it unique and include a call to action that will convince readers to click. And be sure to keep it between 140-160 characters, so it doesn’t get cut off.

Use heading tags like <h1> for your title, <h2> for your sections, and <h3> for subsections. Labeling your content makes it easier for search engines to comb through it and understand the  purpose. The easier your article is to understand, the higher it will rank.


With all the content out there, I almost guarantee someone has already written about what  you’re covering, even if it’s an obscure niche for people interested in the inner workings of frog digestive systems

Link to reputable sources to build trust in your audience. Google looks at backlinks to signal they can trust the article’s content. 

The best links end with .edu, .org, or sites built to provide information, not just sell a product.

Stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen 

Embrace your style and unique voice. Write to interest your reader, not just cover a topic for SEO alone. Keep your industry, audience, and brand tone in mind when crafting your content.

There are millions of blogs out there on the web, not to mention possibly thousands on the topic you’re writing about. It’s not enough to just regurgitate other people’s opinions or styles.

And most importantly, don’t forget to stay true to your brand!

Be socially conscious – the written word should not be taken lightly  

Listen, I don’t want to be flippant about this one. Be respectful and write consciously, with an awareness of what’s going on in the world around you.

When re-reading your content in the editing stage, pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid stereotyping
  • Take the time to be accurate
  • Show compassion
  • Don’t be condescending
  • Avoid appropriating any language specific to a culture that is not your own.

Remember: Words are powerful. At their best, they can be inspirational and motivational. At their worst, they can hurt both your readers and your reputation.

Keyboard at the ready? Take one. ACTION 

Give your readers actionable tips to take away from your article. You want them to quickly understand the advice you’re giving and how to capitalize on it. People respond well to valuable content — and they’ll be more likely to share it with others, too. 

As we draw to the end of our epic list of tips, here are a few things you can do right away to improve your content:

  • Pick a topic that relates to your brand’s products and services.
  • Start with an outline. They make it much easier to stay organized. 
  • Write for your target audience.
  • Link to reputable sources to gain readers’ trust.
  • Edit your blogs for grammar, spelling, and other mistakes.
  • Do your research.

See? Even if you did skip the rest of the article (rude, by the way, I worked hard on this one), you could still get value from these actionable tips.

One final tip before you go 

Practice makes perfect.

You may not be able to integrate every tip we just gave you into your first article. That’s ok, babe, don’t worry about it. The best way to create content that’s effective and you’re proud of is to simply keep writing. 

Compelling content writing generates leads, sales and can establish your brand as a thought-leader within its niche.

When you build a strong foundation of content, your brand will find it easier to achieve viral status through your campaigns. With so much to engage with on your website, people can keep coming back for more.

At Nowadays, we take brands to new heights when they have a solid foundation to build upon. 

We specialize in creating viral marketing campaigns with the pinky promise (and contract) to reach your goal, whether it is app downloads, website traffic, or brand awareness. 

Once we chat and understand your needs, we create bold, original, and dynamic content that will inspire people to take action.

TL;DR: we take our advice and create amazing content guaranteed to go viral.

If that is something you’re interested in, let’s turn up the volume and make some noise.



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