Tips On Making A Viral Video

August 21st, 2021

Live Streaming On Social Media Concept. Video Counter Quickly Increasing Like And Views

Viral videos are a lot like high-end gaming PCs – everybody wants one but nobody has a f*****g clue how they work. And most people don’t want to put in the werk required for a truly unique piece of content that will rocket their brand to new heights. 

We bet you’d give up a ticket to space to get your hands on a foolproof formula that’ll transform your content marketing strategies (Ashton Kutcher gave up his, so nut up or shut up, naysayers). 

If your content marketing isn’t on its A-game, your brand isn’t going anywhere other than out the window. 

One surefire way to take your brand from drab to fab is with a viral video. But how the f**k do you go viral? What the hell does that mean anyway? Don’t worry—that’s what Nowadays is here to break down. 

Check out our best tips for making a video go viral. 

WTF Is A Viral Video? 

In a nutshell, a viral video gains traction super fast and is shared multiple times through social media, reaching people far and wide. They spread like a virus. Get it?

Let’s Get Viral 

From undeniably funny company commercials to TikTok stars to regular Joes who capture a WTF family moment, it seems like just about anyone has the capability of going viral in today’s video-obsessed culture. That’s just not the reality, though – it’s actually really hard to get noticed and make a big splash in the sea of online viral videos. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that only 1% of videos on Facebook go viral.

Yep, you read that right — 1%.

You see, going viral isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and sometimes, it all boils down to luck. But if you implement a few tips into your content marketing strategy, you can for sure increase your chances of going viral to get millions of new peepers on your growing brand. 

How To Take The Internet By Storm 

So, without further ado, here are some of the best tips and tricks to make a video go viral:

Tip #1: Bring On The Feels 

Viral videos often go viral for one simple reason: they elicit emotions. This is why there’s “negative” viral content — like Kendall Jenner’s tone-deaf Pepsi ad. As awful as the video was, it went viral by gaining a whole lot of backlash. Maybe not the most flattering lewk for KJ, but it still got millions and millions of views. There’s gotta be a silver lining in there somewhere. 

But obvi having millions of viewers watching your ad because they heard it’s a hot ass mess isn’t exactly ideal. Videos that elicit positive emotions are more likely to generate the response you want. Making people feel compassion, humor, or other uplifting emotions is worth aiming for if you want your video to go viral. 

Tip #2: Keep It Simple, Stupid 

Because there’s so much content out in the world today, viewers are constantly being pulled in 10 different directions, which means you have to capture their attention immediately. In fact, a whopping 30% of viewers stop watching videos after 30 seconds, 45% after 60 seconds, and another 60% after 120 seconds. 

So, with that in mind, never forget: KISS and keep it simple, stupid. 

You want your marketing video to be short, sweet, and easy to understand — especially if you want it to go viral. Try to get to the point of your video within the first 15 to 30 seconds and grab the attention of viewers from the start. Because if you don’t, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll click out of your video and find something else that interests them. 

Tip #3: Be An Awesome Storyteller 

The most contagious viral videos are the ones that tell a great story in a way that hasn’t been done before. That’s because our sensory cortex lights up like the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in Times Square when we’re experiencing a story that makes us feel emotions like joy, love, or even disgust. 

No questions asked: Storytelling is one of the best ways to engage an audience because storytelling humanizes brands, making them more relatable. 

Tip #4: Do The Unexpected

Some viral videos rely on shock tactics (we admit, we’re familiar). Others adopt a light-hearted approach. No matter what, all viral videos provide something unexpected that just hasn’t been done before. And if it’s been done before, it wasn’t nearly as fucking good.

Many brands are hesitant to color outside the lines, but if you want to create a buzzy viral video that gets a whole lot of hype, then you’re going to have to hop the fence and rock the boat.

A viral video will get attention and be fodder for all kinds of water-cooler talk. So yeah, you’re not always going to receive positive feedback. But you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad deal. The whole point is to get people talking because the more they talk about you, the more attention you’ll get. 

So do the unexpected, push boundaries, and accept the fact that you might feel a little uncomfortable because the magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.    

Tip #5: Write A Killer Video Title

Every single video needs a click-worthy title. Stay away from boring, clickbait-y titles and create something undeniably powerful that walks the fine line between curiosity and provocation. Don’t do something basic as fuck. 

Your title sets the expectation for your video. The key is to figure out what works for your target audience and tease out a strong emotional reaction. 

Tip #6: Keep Paying Attention

Posting your video doesn’t mean they’ll instantly go viral. Nope. The secret to a viral video is knowing your audience and exceeding their expectations. Never stop paying attention to your video and keep a close eye on the stats and sharing analytics. This will help you to create more powerful videos in the future. 

Wrapping It Up

Creating an unforgettable viral video may have seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream in the past, but now you’re armed with these sweet video tips and are one step closer to becoming internet famous.

Hoping to go viral but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry – Nowadays has your back!

Here at Nowadays, we’re experts at modernizing your message and injecting it directly into social media. Our proprietary Social Scripting™ process is essentially a megaphone for your message, getting the right content on the right page at the right time to make you go viral—over and over again. 

Our signature is inducing action through strong emotion. Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup or a household name, our strategy is the same. We call it Social Scripting™, but others call it f*#king magic. Why? Because it works. 

Check us out today, and let’s get your brand lifted so you can go viral tomorrow!



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