How Nowadays Does Viral Marketing

June 1st, 2021

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Going viral–the holy grail of marketing. It’s the moment a brand takes the internet by storm and becomes the center of social conversation—thousands of people with your brand right in front of them.

We get chills just thinking about it.

Viral marketing is a method of marketing that seeks to spread the message of a brand via word of mouth. In other words, your audience does the sharing of the content for you. Talk about a sweet deal.

At Nowadays, we specialize in crafting large-scale, coordinated social media campaigns designed to develop organic conversation and instill a sense of FOMO attached to your brand in our audience. Our team is built of nerds–ahem, sorry–a bunch of internet kids who are keeping their finger on the pulse of what’s happening right now.

Here’s what to know about how NowADays approaches viral marketing.

Millions of Connections with an Unbeatable CPM 

Not to brag or anything, but we have some of the highest reach capabilities of any media company. Our network consists of roughly 800 million followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Access to that network is just the first benefit we offer. 

Spending money for a viral marketing campaign can feel like a risky venture. With NowADays, however, we can serve up to 200M daily impressions at an unbeatable CPM (cost per thousand impressions). You can feel comfortable knowing you are making an efficient investment in your marketing campaigns. We are experts in producing decisive results for our clients while keeping costs low.

Bold AF 

At NowADays, we believe in being BOLD. It’s kind of our thing. Our campaigns aren’t like anyone else’s. Unique content, rolled out precisely the right way, makes working with Nowadays a guaranteed success.  

Going viral means grabbing the attention of the public with something compelling and sharable. Getting their attention doesn’t happen by accident nor does it ever happen by playing it safe. It typically takes an average of three to eight seconds for someone on social media to describe to keep scrolling past your video.

That means you have five seconds to capture and retain your watcher’s attention for the rest of the video. So when we say we are bold, we are prepared to explode out the gate so that it is impossible to scroll past your content.

Did We Mention Our Secret Sauce? 

Our proprietary Social Scripting methodology is the fine-tuned conversation that attracts attention online. It’s how NowADays gets people to really feel the FOMO. We write a script with an emotional purpose for each campaign–whether it’s tension, surprise, delight, or a combination of vibes. We specialize at using emotions that encourage people to take action with your brand. Whether your business’s goal is to get people to download an app or retweet a branded video, we’re your golden ticket. Social Scripting will provide you with a megaphone for your message to make you go viral. Over and over again.

The Proof is in Deez Nuts 

One of the great things about living in America is that you can really do anything you have the vision for..

We did that. And it was pretty awesome.

First, a little context: The investing app Robinhood was a dick to amateur investors that use their platform. Basically, Robinhood shut down the ability for its users to buy shares of GameStop after amateur investors unexpectedly caused the stock to rocket in price: a 437% gain just over a few days.

Robinhood touted their mission as “democratizing investing,” so they were huge hypocrites. Suppose you want to know more about how this all went down. In that case, the finance bros love to talk about it, and you can usually find them wearing a Patagonia sweater vest over their button-down on Tinder.

We wanted to let Robinhood know how we felt about them being awful. So what did we do? What anyone else would do, write a strongly worded email and post a screenshot of it on Twitter.


Obviously, we chose to rent an airplane and customize a banner so that our message was in the skies over San Francisco–where Robinhood is headquartered. We told you we don’t like to play it safe.

The message was bold, seen by millions, and definitely created a lot of conversation (just like our viral marketing campaigns can do for you).

What was the message?


Let’s Get the Party Started 

As we like to say, creating an avalanche of attention isn’t an accident, it’s an art, and we are Picasso.

Does your brand have what it takes to make a scene? Send us a message to connect with us and see if we can help you start a trend, go viral, or whatever other crazy marketing goal you have in mind. We want to make it impossible for people to miss out on your amazing products.

Our strategies remain the same whether you’re an up-and-coming startup or a household name. We will be able to induce action in your target market through emotion. It’s honestly pretty magical if we do say so ourselves, but we would rather you see it for yourself.

“May the odds be ever in your favor” – Effie Trinket.



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