Have you noticed how some brands seem to always go viral?

It's not an accident. It's an art. We're experts at modernizing your message and injecting it directly into social media. Our Social Scripting™ is a megaphone for your message, getting the right content on the right pages at the right time to make you go viral. Over and over again.

Brand Amplification

Take an unfair share

We boast an ever-expanding network of followers and use our most influential accounts to spark the kind of attention that gets you trending. We call it Social Scripting™. This process generates an incredible amount of views without using bots, fake profiles, or incentivizations.

  • 1B+ views and 60M engagements delivered on Nowadays-approved creatives
  • 5 top trending Twitter hashtags driven by real users
  • High score: 2.1M views in 24 hours (TikTok)
Make a move
App Ramp-up

Ramp up your app

From TikTok to Calm to Current Music to Cameo, big names in the app world tap us to generate millions of installs. We're embedded in comments, behind the memes, and tracking how social media reacts to the right visuals. By shaping conversation around your brand, we create the FOMO that inspires real user engagement.

  • Generated 650k installs in 180 days (Calm app)
  • Ultra-low CPM for high-quality installs by real people
  • High score: 75k installs in less than 24 hours (Current Music app)
Let's get it

Our Clients Write Their Own Rules

  • TikTok
  • Calm
  • Current
  • Cameo
  • Empire Records
  • Atlantic Records

Nowadays hits differently

Social Scripting™ can guarantee your message goes viral. Let us show you how.

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