Extreme Advertising Memes: What Are They?

September 12th, 2021

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When you hear the word advertising, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Do you think of massive billboards that line the freeway? Those hysterical Super Bowl commercials? Banner ads on your favorite website? 

From the printing press to pop-up ads, advertising has changed quite a bit with the times. And today, one of the most effective ways to get a buzz going about your brand is with the use of a meme. 

Memes are just about everywhere these days. Wake up in the morning, and chances are your bestie has already sent you a meme via text. Log into social media, and your feed is saturated with them. Check your emails, and wham-bam, thank you, mam, a colleague sent you a few. 

You see, when it comes to memes, there’s no escaping. They are E V E R Y W H E R E — which is exactly why brilliant marketers like our experts here at Nowadays have learned to leverage them to boost brand awareness and drive sales. 

However, many people think that memes aren’t new kids on the block, no sir. They’ve actually been around for quite some time, and brands have been using them as a part of their marketing strategy for years.

That being said, if you’re new to the exciting world of meme marketing, we couldn’t be more excited for you! However, we’ll be brutally honest — everyone and their mom who runs a business these days are utilizing memes. And as we all know, for a business to thrive, it needs to stand out. And what’s the best way to do that, you ask?

Simple: with an extreme advertising meme. 

Hold Up — WTF Is An Extreme Advertising Meme? 

Before we dive into everything you need to know about extreme advertising memes, let’s first talk a little bit about advertising, shall we?

In a nutshell, advertising is the process of persuading a target audience to take a specific action — whether that’s purchasing a product, buying a service, or boosting awareness towards an issue. With that in mind, an advertisement is considered messaging that attempts to engage and influence an audience.

While some advertisements are effortlessly slipped into our everyday lives without notice, others create an entire experience. Whatever type of advertising a brand chooses, the end goal of all ads is pretty much the same — to influence the behavior of an intended target market.  

Following? Ok, Great! Let’s Move On.

You see, advertising is created to attract attention and boost awareness from the target audience. 

However, more often than not, when a viewer comes face-to-face with an ad, it’s often forgotten within just a matter of seconds. For this reason, many savvy advertisers have leveled up their marketing game with extreme advertising

What’s extreme advertising, you ask?

It’s a brilliant approach to advertising that creates a lasting impression on the public. It’s something done intentionally for a purpose. This ingenious form of advertising plays with psychological aspects of the human mind, evoking emotions such as joy, fear, sadness, excitement, or anger in the viewers. 

By creating an advertisement so shocking, it’s often deeply etched into the viewer’s mind, making them remember and be reminded of the message each time they see something that relates them to the message. 

And that, friends, is extreme advertising.  

Putting It All Together 

So, if extreme advertising is the art of evoking emotion to create a lasting impression, an extreme advertising meme is simply the ad that brands use to send their message to the masses.

These powerful memes deeply resonate with viewers, which is why they are often shared, liked, tweeted, and re-posted, spreading from person to person— like a virus. This phenomenon is known as “going viral.” 

What’s So Special About Going Viral?

It doesn’t matter if you have the coolest product on the planet. You’re not going to sell a single customer if no one knows it exists, period.

That being said, the more people you can get your product in front of, the better your chances of dramatically increasing sales. And when sales increase, so does the money in your wallet. That’s why “going viral” has become such a hot commodity for brands. It puts their message right in front of thousands and sometimes millions of viewers who may not have known about the brand beforehand.

So, what’s one of the best ways to reach that oh-so-glorious viral status? 

With extreme advertising memes, of course! 

Extreme advertising memes are relatable and elicit an emotional response that resonates with viewers. And according to research, content that provokes emotion is much more likely to be shared —aka go viral.

Needless to say, extreme advertising memes can be very powerful!  

The Wrap Up

So, what’s an extreme advertising meme?

Simply put, it’s a meme that delivers shock and awe — an advertisement that evokes emotion with the goal of not being forgotten. It’s a meme that’s relatable and resonates with viewers, compelling them to share with others which can boost brand awareness tenfold, drive a whole lot of traffic to your website, and increase sales faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 

Ready to take your brand to the next level? We can help!

We play on the emotions necessary to inspire their target audience to take action and spread content by word of mouth for each of our clients. No clickbait. No bullshit. 

Drop us a line today, and we’ll help you to go viral tomorrow. Let’s do this!



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