Expert content creation allows us to install massive FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into the consumers who see your ad. They get so intrigued that they actually exit out of the social media app and search for it in the App Store.

Real & Engaged Users

Our installs have shown to add more profile pictures, invite more friends, and engage at a higher rate than our client's daily organice installs. No black-hat BS.

Go Search Trending

Since consumers have to manually search for your app, a majority of our clients go search trending in the App Store.

Unbeatable Prices

This type of advertising is still new. This means rates are still low. Our average client gets installs for $0.75 - $1.25 each!

Why Should You Search Trend?



Your app will be visible to every iPhone user in the United States


Lower CPI

The downloads you receive while trending can cut your NowADays Media campaign CPI in half or more!


Highest Quality Users

Users who download your app via the trending search often have a much higher retention rate than other users.

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