Anthony Z.

Kaspar P.

Founded by true experts and pioneers in the industry, NowADays Media is unlike any other social media marketing company you’ve heard of.

Our co-founders started on Twitter in 2012, when they opened a brokerage firm that bought and sold social media accounts. In just over two years, they grew to $3.5M in sales. Eventually, they became a fundamental pillar in a tight-knit community of over 1,001 people across Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Together with the community, our cofounders had a hand in making a viral sensations such as Damn Daniel and Alex from Target. This same community, now 5 years later, have been coined as “influencers”.

While other’s may toss around buzzwords like “influencer marketing” and “growth hacking” - none of them can even begin to scratch the surface of the in-depth knowledge that can only be earned after years of being in the trenches.

Enough about us. Let’s hear about you.